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Ford Telstar Supercharged Diesel

Wow, I never expected this one. I always suspected there might be diesel Telstars about (diesels occur in most types of car, somewhere in the world at least), but a 2 Litre supercharged version!

As far as I know, the engine is a 2.0ltr diesel Mazda miller cycle engine with a lythom compressor (supercharger ). The rest of the car is Mazda 626 (which looks VERY similar to Ford Telstar, especially the nose ), but is known as a Capella wagon in Japan.

I was interested in the photo's, because although a Mazda 626 wagon was released in Australia between 1988 and 1991, a Ford Telstar wagon was not. This is what it would have looked like!

These pictures were kindly sent to me by Roger Keen, who would like some more information about the engine. If anyone can provide information, PLEASE CONTACT ROGER!

Supercharged diesel engine

Passenger Side Interior

Driver's side Interior

Front quarter photo

Supercharged diesel engine

Rear Quarter View