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Ford telstar Mazda 626 Probe GT turbo Telstar TX5 HOMEPAGE

(Mazda 626, MX6 and Probe GT turbo)

Welcome! This site is dedicated to the FORD Telstar TX5. Telstar's are almost identical to Mazda 626/MX6 with different badges, and slightly different styling. They also share their engines with the Ford Probe GT Turbo in the U.S.A. This site contains technical information, how to modify your ford of mazda or probe, and other links to ford, mazda and probe owners. Don't forget, you can help to support my site by clicking ona few of the banners.

AutoSpeed.com has been the source of a lot of the technical information to do with maintenance, modification and performance of these vehicles that I have put together on this site. They also have a GREAT online shop, with thousands of products, for nearly every type of car.

This page was originally owned by Nathan, but now is maintained and updated by Andrew Cooney.

Want your TX5 or 626/MX6 on this page? Mail Me! I am always keen to receive emails about