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Jerry Le's
TX5 Turbo

Jerry bought his TX5 a while ago, and he was lucky, because as you can see in the pictures, it looks cool, and because it's also a modified TX5 Turbo, it goes pretty damn good too!
Jerry has a few modifications to the look of the car, which improve performance as well. It has been lowered all round with Pedders springs at the rear, and standard front ones given the chop! At the moment though, Jerry isn't very happy with the suspension setup, and has just picked it up from the mechanic, getting some new struts and a service.

As far as the performance side of things Jerry has a custom designed electronic boost controller from G-Tech (controlled by an electronic switch which kicks in after 8psi), a custom designed electronic Blow Off Valve from G-Tech again, a Uni-Filter RAM POD, a 2.5" barrel bent exhaust from the turbo outlet (Jerry thinks this is very noisy because of the standard cat) larger fuel hoses and larger fuel injectors (0.2mm). His car runs up to 14 psi boost through the standard intercooler, but hasn't had the fuel cut removed yet. To keep his car on the bitumen, he has 215/60/15 Khumo tyres (dry/wet) on the standard wheels.

Jerry uses only Castrol oils, coolant, and power steering fluid. He also has NGK cold plugs, and 8mm spark leads (hot radiant). Jerry has also upgraded the standard stereo with a Pioneer 6 stack CD player with Sony speakers and an Alpine amplifier.He also has an Ameriks steering wheel, as you can see below.

There are still one or two things Jerry would like to fix. The gearbox is getting a bit worn, and Jerry thinks the synchro in second might give way soon, so that is next on the agenda.

Only fairly new to the turbo game, Jerry discovered that when you are a younger driver and own a modified turbo, well, let's just say it's good for insurance company's profit margins.

Stay tuned to this page for any new developments Jerry makes, as he is sure to do some more to this awesome looking TX5!

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