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TX5 Turbo

This is Gian's TX5. He has only had it since April 1999, but by the sounds of it, he likes it a lot.

Gian has only done one thing since he got the car, and that was to install a Blitz Turbo Timer. He also has tinted windows, a car alarm and immobiliser, and the other standard features. The car also came with Monroe struts and springs all round, to lower it, and make it a firmer ride. Gian didn't really buy the car for a real performance ride. He reckons he should just leave it as it is, as it looks cool already.

He has the original exhaust in place, but is under pressure from his mechanic to get a 2.5" full exhaust from the turbo back. I happen to agree with the mechanic! Gian can expect a great sound from the new exhaust, and an increase in performance and lower fuel consumption.

Gian also toyed with the idea of getting the original TX5 mags polished (as many people have done), but didn't want to spoil the original rims. He will be removing the red pinstripe that is embedded all the way round the car, and replacing it with a chrome strip. Hopefully he will be able to send in some pics, so we can all see what it looks like!


"I love my tx5, but the only thing I hate about it is that its auto....."

Well Gian, you can still make it go like stink. It certainly looks cool enough.

Click on the image to the right for Gian's TX5 wallpaper!

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