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Freddy's New Zealand
2.0L 16v DOHC TX5 GT

This Freddy's Telstar TX5 GT. There are very few of these in Australia. The engine is the F2 2.0L 16 Valve DOHC. Freddy wanted to keep the car looking fairly original (a 'sleeper', with the exception of the 17" mags and the lowering of the suspension. Also to add a little more horsepower to the engine and to add great cornering ability (which I now have). Sort of like a SVO theme. I think it looks awesome, as seen by the pictures. Click on the pics for a larger view..
The engine as you know is the 2.0 twin cam version. All Freddy has done at this stage is had a change of computer chip and added a K&N air filter. This alone gave the car a more crisper response from acceleration to midrange. Next up will be work on the throttle body which will be honed out and custom butterflies fitted which, so I am told, should increase top end. Also coming up will be a sports exhaust system and I might throw in some split fire plugs to see what they do. At the moment the car outputs 112 hp on the dyno (pretty respectable for a 2L engine!!)
The gearbox is a four speed auto with hold option and works with the cars computer so changing to a manual is not a feasible option. The gearbox has unfortunately had to be rebuilt twice in 5 yrs. The oil cooler that comes standard is just to small and according to Freddy, driving the car up hills on long journeys used to overheat the gearbox ("it felt like driving with the hand brake on until the unit cooled down again"). The car now has an after market oil cooler with four times the capacity of the old one which is doing the job well.
The suspension is all upgraded. Lovell springs at 32mm lower than standard, KYB shocks, shock tower brace and nolathane bushes help the car handle like it should.

The interior is standard and still in good order. The only notable change is when you open the hatch, you will see a 10" sub woofer and a 10 stack cd changer. His stereo sure kicks arse over the standard one. Check out the neat boxed sub.

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