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Dave Howard's
MX-6 Turbo

This is Dave's Pride and Joy. He has only had it 4 months, and intends to spend the time and effort to make it go really well (as if it doesn't already).
So far, the only things Dave has added are a boost gauge, which he has mounted himself and an air/fuel ratio meter, which he built himself from kit for. Some more information on it is available on my Technical Information page.

Here is picture of the meter as Dave has installed on the top of his steering column.

The only thing I wish I had in this picture, (apart from the A/F meter!) is a 240km/h speedo. Mine only goes to 200, so I don't know what speed the needle points to after I go past that... :)

Dave is looking at slowly improving the car, but at the moment, he is establishing a baseline to measure his future modifications against. So he should provide some interesting information to all as his car breaks new barriers.

From Dave:

Well, I haven't done any mods yet apart from fit a boost gauge and the EGO sensor display. Sorry to be so boring but I want to get as much info as I can before I start fiddling - this includes some empiric data so that I can compare before and after. I am still undecided what to do re mods, I shall definitely be increasing the boost to 15lbs as a start - what I do after that depends on the results I get.

I haven't had the car long, about 3 or 4 months, so it's early days yet regarding problems etc. However, I am not expecting any problems as Mazda's build quality is excellent and they would have taken extra care with it being a prestige car (at the time) also, my Wife has my original MX6 which I bought new in 1988 and it's been a fantastic car - no problems whatsoever. 

Re drags etc, I regularly blast past cars when ever the mood takes me but no out and out drags yet, although it's always good fun keeping up with motorcycles from the lights when they least expect it.

All-in-all I think the MX6 turbo is a really good car, it's got excellent build quality with good handling and good performance - and I reckon it looks horn from certain angles too.

I took the car on a recent motorcycle club run and blew everybody into the weeds except for one guy who I used to ride with. He got a shock though when he saw me in his mirrors, right up his clacker, after he thought he was well ahead of me. What a fun day, it was grouse!! So I'm looking forward to blowing him well and truly into the weeds when I've got 15lbs boost. Hehehehehehe!


I'm looking forward to learning some stuff from Dave. It really sounds like he wants to get some go out of his car. Should be an interesting journey! Above is Dave's boost gauge, which he mounted himself. Dave will provide me with some more pics of the bracket, and some info on how he did it, and how hard he rates it. Looks good though, and I think this is where I will be putting mine as well. Next to the A pillar, hooked up to the light switch, so it is illuminated when dash lights are on.

14/7/99 - Dave has disconnected his wastegate hose, allowing the turbo to reach full boost. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND this unless you know what you are doing, as it can damage your engine, even though you will hit the fuel cut.

In any case, Dave has seen his car momentarily produce 20psi boost before the cut came in, but he seems to be able to hold 14 psi using the throttle carefully (read: 'sparingly'). Anyway, it has fuelled Dave's urge to get either a fuel cut remover, or a new chip. It also rekindles my urge, as I remember when I set my boost to high, and it went like a bat out of hell... :)