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Bryan's White 1984 Telstar TX5

 Bryan's TX5

 Bryan's 'dream' TX5

The following is Bryan's 'Tellie Tale'. I asked him for the whole thing, so here it is! Ive added a few asides along the way in bold too. You can email Bryan if you like.

Well you wanted to know it all so here goes, I first purchased the Telstar about 2 yrs ago and the first thing that had to be done was to put a decent stereo in it so I reefed out the old one and put a basic Pioneer head unit in (cassette, am/fm radio, memory presets,etc,etc.) , along with the head unit.

I put 2 6\9" pioneer speakers in the parcel tray, which was adequate but not yet enough, then a mate sold me a 10" subbie and a 60 watt amp that seemed to boost performance markedly. Unfortunately the weight of the speakers in the parcel tray caused sagging in the tray itself, until finally the parcel tray bent so much that it fell out of it's housings.

I also put 6x9 sony 160w speakers in the rear of my 1984 hatch, and built a temporary shelf from heavy chipbaord, which sounded ok (I ran a 200w mosfet amp) but the shelf sagged, and looked crap. if you want rear speakers, get a custom shelf made. They will cost about $120 to $150 depending on where you get it done.

Then I had a parcel shelf made up out of some craft wood ad when the speakers all went back in it boosted the sound quality again, due to the sound resonating throughout the wood and giving it a lot more bass. But one thing that shits me off to no end is that bloody door chimer that goes off when one of the doors is adjar if you have any idea of where the chime unit is located I would greatly appreciate knowing so I can rip the f**ker out. Total cost $600 ($299-head unit, $199-Pioneer speakers, $50-sub/amp, and $50-parcel shelf.

Hmm... that bloody door chime. I anyone DOES know exaclty where it is, please mail me, or send me a 'how to' at this address!

My next adjustment to the car was the addition of a rear wing for the hatch, Not for the aero dynamics but just to make it look a little flasher, I ended up buying one made by GS Motor Bodies in a curved 3 leg design with a brake light in it (62 LED's) and my mate and I sprayed it the correct colour, drilled the holes, applied it ourselves and fed the wiring back through the hatch to the rear window spray unit hose,then removed the panelling in the back fed the wire down to the bottom of the hatch and wired it into the cabling for the trailer connector, which I had previously removed along with the tow bar. Total cost of this was about $310 ($275-Wing, $35-undercoat/Paint)

Tinting the windows ourselves was a fun job, but at least we did it right by taking the door trims out and removing the windows. The tint we used was made by a company called Solar Shade, in other words a cheap do it yourself tint, but surprisingly it all worked out very well, with very little to no bubbling. And costing me a total of $75 ($25 per roll).

Yeah, I think if you can afford it, its best to get tint done professionally, although the tint on my new TX5 was a home job, and does look ok because its not the really purple coloured stuff. But there are some bubbles in the very rear side windows...

Around about the time we were putting the wing on and doing the windows I de-badged the car completely (badges YUCK!), we had to end up filling the recessed area on the front of the bonnet with bog to give it a smooth look like the rest of the bonnet.

Not long ago the muffler system in the back rusted out and was in dire need of replacement, it turned out that a standard system for my car was going to cost me more than what a sports muffler system would cost, so hence I went with the sports naturally,when the new muffler went on I also had them put a chrome tail pipe on it as well. And all up that probably cost me about $190.

When I tinted the tail lights I also took the liberty of keeping a particular area of the reflective panel,which now proudly displays the mark of a legendary car, the TX5 I did this by printing out the letters TX5 on my printer cutting them out and sticking them in the back of the panel I was spraying, hence leaving the desired lettering as you will see in future pictures..

At present I am working on putting a set of bonnet vents in, the vents were made by Spon Fiberglass works in Canberra and cost me $90.

My main priority with the Tellie is to get it looking good, and when I have finished with the body mod's I will start on engine modifications, so the only things that my TX5 need's now are a set of decent mag's and a set of lowered springs, before I can start on the performance side of things, but who can complain when I can get over 200km and only use one tenth 1/10 of a tank of petrol.